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I’ve been blogging with friends for two years over at Damsels in Regress.  We blog about writing, history, and writing historical fiction.  Sometimes we stretch those definitions and include recent travels, family history, and writing that isn’t history-related.  But it’s all about writing or history somehow, because that’s what the three of us Damsels have in common.

But lately, I’ve been wanting to write a blog that’s just for me.  I’m not sure why, other than a lot has happened the past few months and I’m entering a new phase of my life.  (Looking back over that sentence, that looks like a reason to me, but I digress.)  This new phase will soon, I hope, be entitled “Parenthood.”  For now, it’s more aptly titled “Pray, Get Healthy, and Hope for the Best.”  Because for my husband, Mike, and me, getting to “Parenthood” hasn’t been easy so far.  While I’ve journaled about that in a little notebook intended only for me and God, part of me wants to be a bit more intentional about sharing what we’ve experienced.

And along the way, I’ll probably share silly musings of our two cats, musings of the children I take care of, musings about living in a fixer-upper house, and musings about the travels we do and the travels our loved ones to to get to us.  Because it’s my blog and I can, right?


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